Don't be Naive!  

The RSPCA with the Canine Control Council (Queensland) have the Power, Money and Influence to buy ANYTHING, including Politicians, the media and the Courts. See More details at 

Look at what Tim Mulherin, Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries, has given RSPCA with the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001.

Many RSPCA Employees have been appointed RSPCA Inspectors with Legislated Powers:-

RSPCA Chief Inspector, Michael Pecic, has been delegated the power to Administer the Animal Care and protection Act 2001, AND,

Understand what happens when totally unsupervised power is given to a small group of individuals by doing an Internet Google search for "Stanford Prison Experiment". The RSPCA Inspectorate is a "Stanford Prison Experiment" condition with a huge incentive - a massive money motive. That RSPCA will corrupt Government and the Courts is the obvious outcome from such BAD Labor Government Legislation. The Labor Government has, by its own legislations, created a Rogue RSPCA Inspectorate that has used its wealth, power, media and political influence to further corrupt the Labor Government and our Courts.

The Canine Control Council (Queensland) wants their monopoly over dog sales and their $30 registration for every puppy born. Now, with Tim Mulherin's Labor Government's recent new Legislation pet shops can only sell de-sexed dogs. This is one more step towards the Canine Control Council (Queensland) and RSPCA gaining a total monopoly over the pet trade in Queensland. Money, Power and influence has corrupted our Labor Government and the corrupt Labor Government is increasing the Money, Power and Influence of those who corrupted it, the Canine Control Council (Queensland) and the RSPCA. TAKE NOTICE PET SHOP OWNERS, DOG BREEDERS AND THE PUBLIC - your individual rights have been eroded.

Geraldine Robertson has Appealed to the Magistrates Court, under the Animal Care and Protection Act, to have her World Famous Pedigreed Poodles returned to her.

In this Appeal she has had to watch Magistrate Colin J. Strofield, who is being promoted to being a District Court Judge, knowingly accept obviously perjured evidence and even condone, protect and encourage the perjury. 

The Perjury that Magistrate Colin J. Strofield accepted from RSPCA witnesses by saying he would consider the witnesses' evidence in his decision included:

Magistrate Colin J. Strofield not only refused and failed to warn the witnesses about their perjury, but openly stated there was no perjury. But worse, some parts of the court record where the issues that the witnesses were perjuring themselves was raised does not appear to be in the transcripts - IN THE OPEN COURT TRANSCRIPTS. 

So don't be so naive. The RSPCA with the Canine Control Council (Queensland), a private breeders kennel club, whose turnover is over $2million have the Power, Money and Influence to "buy" anything, including Politicians, the media and the Courts.

Very few people would stand against people so evil as to do the following!
Even Magistrates and Judges would not have the necessary courage. 
See also the RSPCA organised vindictive campaign Petition called "Save the Poodles Petition" which was circulated to the public collecting signatures to stop Geraldine Robertson from ever owning an animal. These petitions were sent to the Queensland Magistrates and Judges. 
RSPCA had possession of the Poodles that were being "fostered".
One of the Christmas Cards received by Geraldine Robertson - the Front Page. One of many from RSPCA.
Then when the card is opened:
At the bottom of the card is what looks like pretend Chinese characters crossed out. Take a closer look below.
This is the envelope this card came in

Perhaps someone can recognise the paper this is printed on from the following: It looks like the Right hand side of a sheet of paper that was over the original when the card was made, and then the words have been crossed out.